About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog!  My name is Isaac Katz.  I am a trans guy, a college student studying American history at Oberlin.  Though my focus in school is more modern, I have always had a deep love for ancient/medieval history, which bled into a passion for mythology, legend, folklore, etc.  When I realized that I wanted to write about my experiences as a trans man, I wanted to find a slightly different take, so I decided to try to tie those topics together (though with varying levels of success).

Some have asked me about this, so I should mention that my name is not actually Gareth.  I didn’t want to put my real name when I started, because I didn’t whether or not I wanted to be out.  I have since decided to come out.  Gareth was one of those names I tried on when I was younger, and a legend I drew inspiration from, so it struck me as a fitting pseudonym.

Reading other trans guys’ stories was such a huge help to me at the beginning (and now, but especially at the beginning) of my long coming out process.  I went most of my (albeit short) life without knowing the words to describe what troubled me.  But even once I found the words, I spent years running from them.  During those years, reading about other people’s experiences grounded me, assured me I was not alone, and, eventually, gave me the strength to accept myself.  I hope, in putting my own experiences out there, maybe some other trans guy in need will stumble upon it and realize he is not alone.

I want to throw it out there that this blog is a representation of my thoughts and opinions alone, and not meant to convey the thoughts or opinions of other trans guys or trans people in general.  I have linked to the blogs and websites of others whose opinions and work I respect, but I can only speak for myself and my experiences.  Also, the opinions and viewpoints expressed in the websites I have linked to are those of the website authors, not (necessarily) me.

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Smash Brown says:

    Isaac, it’s nice to meet you. Looking forward to reading more about you.

  2. Steve Thrush says:

    Isaac~ thanks for your courage, openness, and clear way of communicating. i’ll shoot you an email introducing myself to you. ~steveT

  3. sdthrush says:

    …and….i’m hoping that, even though it’s been awhile since anyone seems to have posted here, that you’re continuing to stay in touch here….thanks again. ~steveT

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