2 1/2 Years on T

Hello out there! Anyone still out there? I know it’s been a long time since I updated this blog with any regularity. Again, I am going to strive to get that back going more frequently. For now, I want to give a quick update, with another post following later tonight.

First off, here’s my 2.5 year voice clip: I hit 2.5 years on July 23rd. It sounds a little higher to me than the last one actually. I’m wondering if I had a cold when I took one in January or if I was just unconsciously speaking in a lower register. Who knows. It was a long time ago.

So, I’ve had some trouble keeping the blog up. I’ve had a tough few years, and I eventually gave way to a pretty steep depression. As much as I have had in my head that I wanted to get out here, it has been a struggle to get the energy up to write. But I know that it helps me a lot to do so, and I have a tendency to bottle things up, so here’s to take…100.

My transition is actually going quite well. I haven’t had any surgeries yet. I’m working on losing some weight before I take that step (and the weight loss is actually starting to go pretty well now too). My main struggle has been ulcerative colitis, a chronic illness I developed when I was 16. After the initial onset of the disease, I went a long time without symptoms. In 2010, a flare-up began which has continued until very recently.

My flare-up started shortly before I came out as trans, and dealing with the two together, especially at the beginning of my transition, was quite rough. I made it through about the first year running on fumes, but after that I started missing more classes, suffering more side effects, and just struggling. I took a few medical leaves, tried all sorts of medications, most of which made me sicker, and just ran out of steam.

It’s been tough to blog because I haven’t felt like I had anything to say about my life. The colitis had me spinning my wheels, stuck in one place for a long time. I’m finally at a point where I can start to move forward again.

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5 Responses to 2 1/2 Years on T

  1. Tom Geller says:

    Good to see you back on. Strength.

  2. Calie says:

    I think you sound great! Nice to see you write.


  3. John Wolf says:

    Talk with your surgeon if you’re considering bottom surgery. My surgeon told me the more fat I had there, the better the result. That was around 2004 and things might have changed since then, but if bottom surgery is a consideration for you, check with your surgeon about losing weight first/before that surgery. Good luck in everything you do!

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