Trans Info/Resources

Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide: Very informative, specifically for ftms.  A great starting point for aspects of the transition you don’t know much about.

Transsexual Road Map: Informative site with everything from state-by-state legal issues to advice on dealing with families.  Seriously, it has everything.  Run by trans activist Andrea James.

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund: organization “committed to ending discrimination based on gender identity and expression and to achieving equality for transgender people.”

FTMTransition: Great blog by a trans guy.  I, personally, found it very comforting when I first began to look into trans issues.

T-Central: “Just a mondo but not complete listing of Trans-Related Bloggers and News Sites.”

Transwhat?: “A guide towards allyship.”

2 Responses to Trans Info/Resources

  1. thexxmen says:

    TLDEF – definitely one to add to the list. Defending trans peoples’ rights everywhere, and are super helpful for getting your name and gender markers changed legally.

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