Six Month Update

Good morning!  Doing my six month update a few days early.  Will be officially six months on the 26th.  I can’t believe I’m already here.  I remember getting my first shot and wondering where I would be in one month, in four months, in six months, and now I’m here, and much further along than I expected.  My voice has gotten much deeper (and hopefully will continue at this rate).  My mom commented just yesterday how hairy I was getting, commenting, “But you probably like that.”  My face is quite fuzzy and, though there still are people reading me as female, there are others who, even when I’m not bound, are reading me definitively as male.

I swear, one person I met I think actually thought I was lying to her about where I went to high school.  I was out with a friend of mine from school and ran into an old family friend of hers, who asked how we knew each other.  I apprehensively responded that we went to high school together.  She stared at me for a moment and said, “So you went to [brother school of my high school], right?  Cause you know she went to [high school]?”  I decided to go with it, not quite willing to open that can of worms with her.

I still haven’t settled on how I want to deal with talking about my high school.  I don’t particularly want to lie about where I went, but I also don’t necessarily want to have that conversation with everyone.  Hopefully, once I am out of state, I will either be able to say I went to a small private school or say the name without people recognizing it.  But it was a thrill to have her basically argue with me about it, even if she seemed to think I was trying to pull the wool over her eyes.

110125 Pre-T

110722 24 Weeks

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