10 Week Update

Hello!  Quick 10 week update.  I promise I’ll write a real post soon.  Things have been crazy since the new semester started.

Voice clips are up on the transition page, but here’s the first and the last for comparison:

Pre-T: 110125 Pre-T

10 Weeks: 110404 10 Weeks

I can’t believe how quickly everything is changing.  Much more quickly than expected.  I spent so many months telling myself not to set my hopes too high for the changes I would see at the beginning, but, honestly, this is surpassing even what I had hoped before.  My voice is dropping pretty quickly, and as the pitch drops, the edge to it is also changing.  I’m still working on getting my intonation under control and changing some of my speech patterns, but that will come in time and it is certainly improving.  I’m also getting more hair much more quickly than I expected.  I thought it would be months before I saw even a slight change in that, but not so.  I’ve got a small patch of facial hair on my chin that I’m very excited about.  It wouldn’t necessarily be visible from a distance yet, but it’s certainly there, and growing steadily.  I had my first check-up since starting T, and my levels are normal for my age, which is exciting in its own way, just to be “normal.”  I feel more settled, more myself, and though I still have a long way to go, the changes that I have experienced so far and the knowledge that more are on their way keeps me fairly optimistic.

I have a court date (May 17th) to change my name legally, which I’m thrilled about.  Also, it’s fairly easy for me to change my gender markers on my driver’s license, so I will do that once my name change comes through.  The passport is slightly more complex, but still doable.  My birth certificate I don’t believe I will be able to change until I’ve had surgery.  But even just having my driver’s license correct will be exciting  And finally being able to lose this double identity, introducing myself with one name and signing my name with another, will be such a relief.  I’m looking forward to not having to wonder which name I should use when I answer the phone, or worry about complications in paperwork.  I can’t wait for the day that my “real” name and my legal name are one in the same.

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