2 Week Update

I’ve been a little remiss in updating lately, I know, I apologize.  Classes started on Monday, so until I get a routine going I will be pretty busy, but I’ll do my best to update soon.

For now, real quick, I’ve been on T for 2 weeks!  Whoo!  I put up the voice clips, under the transition page.  It actually sounds different to me, but I may just be speaking in a lower part of my register.  Who knows.

I haven’t actually noticed much in the way of changes.  The acne is slowly starting to rear its ugly head (no pun intended), but it’s not too crazy yet.  My doctor mentioned that the enanthate has anecdotally been said to cause less trouble with acne than the cypionate, but I’ll see if that holds true.  Other than that, and a potential slight change in my voice (if that’s what it is), the physical changes have not set in quite yet, though that’s not really a surprise.

I do feel different, though it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how.  At once, I feel much more relaxed and settled, but also more edgy, and possibly a little bit more aggressive.  I’m still a worrier, but in certain contexts, I have already noticed more of a tendency to just get up and go without spending excessive amounts of time weighing the consequences.  The settled feeling is the most striking, though.  Whether it’s an actual effect of the T or a placebo, it seems to have relieved the dysphoria a little bit, and allow me to feel more content, even while I’m still waiting for the major changes.

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