Interesting Post from a Real Live Gender Blog

Found this post by bloggers Lisa and Queen Emily, whose blog, “Questioning Transphobia,” I just stumbled across a couple of hours ago. It’s an interesting blog and they are both very good writers, I recommend checking it out.  Not in a passive-aggressive, “God, you transphobes” kind of a way, but just as a worthwhile read.   Even though the focus is on transphobia, they write clearly and eloquently about trans issues of all kinds that filter in between the more overt discussions of transphobia.  I am struggling to express some of my feelings in my own words right now, and Emily contextualizes body dysphoria very successfully.

So, check it out, if you want.  It’s a great blog.

Note: I realized belatedly, this was a guest post, not written by the authors of the blog. But I still recommend checking out the blog!

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